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When printing custom apparel, there are many different options on design placement. Below is an infographic put together with a few tried and tested standard print locations to help with where best your print and/or logo should go and appropriate standard sizing's accordingly.


Left / Right Chest

One of the more popular/common design placements is the left chest design.

Avoid using a design/logo with a lot and/or fine details in it! Simplify!

Sizing: Typically sized between 2" and 4" wide or about 3" tall.


Center Front

A moderately sized print - centered on the garment between the left and right chest.

Sizing: The size can be the same as left chest or a little larger, but smaller than full front sizing


Full Front

When printing a design on the front of a shirt, knowing the range of sizes is very important. When


  • When printing on Adult size shirts, the standard size is 11” x 11” (or 11” wide by proportionate height).

  • When printing on Youth sizes, a good design size is about 9” x 9”.

  • When printing on both Youth and Adult sizes, most of the time one can get away with getting one design size, generally around 10 to 10.5”. At that size, it looks good both on size shirts.


Full Back

Often paired with a front left chest.


  • Full Back: Placed over the shoulder blades near the top

  • Middle Back: Placement starts at the bottom of the sleeve openings

  • Lower Back: Placement is about 3" from the bottom hem

On hooded garments the Full Back placement of the design should be a little lower to maintain the readability of the design while the hood is down


  • On Adult size garments, typical design sizes range from 8" to 12" wide

  • On Youth size garments, typical design sizes range from 6" to 10" wide


Back Collar (Yoke)

A great place to put a logo and brand a merchandise in a subtle way

It is placed just below the hem on the back.

Sizing: Typically sized 3-4" wide.


Left or Right Sleeves

A single sleeve print whether right or left is more common than both.

  • On short sleeved garments the placement is normally just above the hem, about a half an inch.

  • On long sleeved garments the placement is on the bicep area or lengthwise down.

When printing a left chest than go with right sleeve or when printing a right chest than go with the left sleeve to balance out.

Sizing: Max size print on sleeves is 3.5" wide and 16" tall.


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Fun in Down Town Houston

Visit the different downtown locations that have the fun, colorful, creative murals on the wall.

To mention but a few:

  1. Houston is inspired mural on 313 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002 - pictured above

  2. Downtown Houston Pandr Murals on 1301 McKinney St, Houston, TX 77010

  3. Houston Graffiti Building on 1503 Chartres St, Houston, TX 77003

  4. Graffiti Park on 2102 Leeland St, Houston, TX 77003

  5. Love wall Houston on 1538 St Emanuel St, Houston, TX 77003

or for more locations visit the website Houston Mural Map to find, visit, and enjoy the many wonderful murals and street art installations throughout Greater Houston.

Catch an Astro game at the Minute Maid Park - go to the linked page to learn more about the minute maid park.

Visit the Discover Green Park - visit the linked website to find out the order of event going on throughout the month and all the fun activities it has to offer for All ages!!

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