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Koozies: Fun Facts

#Koozies also known as can coolers are handy insulating sleeves designed to keep your drinks cold, your hands dry, and tables free from condensation. From parties to picnics, koozies can add flair and functionality to any gathering.

Koozies are exceptional marketing tools for your business or company. They are affordable promotional products that can be customized in a great number of ways at T-Shirts Etc West Houston

What are Koozies made out of?

They are typically made from synthetic materials like foam or neoprene also known as wetsuit rubber, the same stuff used in scuba suits! Koozies can also be made from stainless steel and plastic to ensure maximum durability.

How do Koozies work?

Koozies, made from foam and neoprene, are great at keeping your drink cold by preventing water drops from forming on the outside of your drink and slowing down how quickly it warms up.

Using a koozie can reduce the rate at which your drink warms up in the sun by 50%! Hence, it is not hard to see why koozies are such popular items, especially during events such as sports matches and festivals. With the sun beating down, many would like to enjoy a cold drink without the worry that it will warm up before it can be finished.

Koozies come in many shapes and sizes for cans and bottles to fit most

Find the perfect koozie for your brand - choose from foam or neoprene in various colors to match your style. Offer multiple color options for customers to pick a favorite, showcasing their brand's playful side.

Maximizing a Koozies Potential!

  1. Make your next celebration extra special with personalized koozies for your guests! You can add names, dates, or inside jokes to create unique party favors that your guests will love.

  2. Match your koozies to the theme of your event for a fun touch and awesome keepsakes. Whether it's a beach bash, game day, or festive get-together, themed koozies will liven up the occasion.

  3. Get crafty with koozies! You can use them to make coasters, plant holders, or even mini pouches for storing small items. Let your imagination run wild!

  4. Take your koozies with you wherever you go! They're great for camping, picnics, or beach days and keep your drinks at the right temperature.

  5. Support your team with some cool koozies in your team's colors or logo. They're great for tailgates, watch parties, or stadium trips.

  6. Design custom koozies for those special family get-togethers and add your family name, crest, or a memorable quote. These koozies aren't just for holding drinks; they're keepsakes of the good times you've shared.

The possibilities are endless with koozies. Whether you want to add a personal touch to a party or keep your drink cold on a hot day, koozies are a versatile accessory that everyone will enjoy.

A koozie isn't just for holding your drink; it's a cool way to show off your style and add fun to any situation. So next time you grab a cold one, remember to jazz it up with a koozie!



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