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We strive to make an impact in our society by cultivating a group of individuals that enjoys servicing other businesses, people, and organizations through decorated apparel and custom goods. This could mean helping our clients elevate through different means like fundraising, branding, additional revenue streams, events, uniforms, and much more! 




While constantly learning and looking for improvements through all sorts of avenues like videos, podcasts, articles, conventions, and much more. We are always open to find better ways to operate and manufacture that fit all customer needs and wants. We are lucky to be in an industry where the creativity in art can meet the innovation in production to bring designs to life. 



We are also striving to make sure we give our customers the products or services they need to hit their goals. With our different processes and products, we constantly do our absolute best to ask the right questions and complete the right procedures for customer happiness.



One of the most important things we value is the importance of all jobs. From the small to large businesses, they are all going to go through our standard steps and processes. We respect everyone that comes to our door and we hope to have it reciprocate through good communication and time. 



We continually will do everything we can to find any adjustments that need to be made. While we appreciete great teamwork through quick responses and detailed information, we are also here to help decide what might be the best option or recommendation for your next project. 



One of our main values is the transparency through our service and manufacturing. We will always make recommendations to help our customers hit their goals or deadlines but in the end it us always up to them. Different processes have limitations and thresholds and we will communicate these to our customers to help them make the best decisions. 



We believe green is the future and have a value in making any decisions to help decrease any impact we might have. While we are not perfect, we do strive to create a culture and processes to be an organization that can consider ourselves concious of the things we can do.

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