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Look and Feel Great Custom Business/Personal Apparel Tips

No matter how big or small a business, company and/or an organization is - custom apparels bring legitimacy, professionalism, elevates a presence, build recognition, familiarity and more. For the employee team, it supports a shared mission and a sense of belonging!

How to Choose the right garment?

Questions to ask:

  1. What is the purpose of these shirts? Uniform, Promotional Giveaways, Casual etc.

  2. What enviroment will they be worn in? Indoor, Outdoor, Heat, Using Chemicals, Lots or Wear and Tear, Working, etc.

  3. How often will they be worn? Every Day, Single Event, Special Occasions etc.

  4. Under what conditions? Outdoors in the heat , Under temperature-controlled environments etc.

  5. What is the budget per shirt?

How to choose the right print method and print location?

We have addressed standard locations and sizes in a previous blog - and "standards" are a thing for good reasons - tried and tested!!

Business attires for the customer-facing side of businesses such as retail, customer service, restaurants and bars, outside sales, and service jobs for special events such as caterers, DJs, photographers, etc. Apparel choices would be such as polos, button up work shirts etc. - and the suggested and most common print method for these apparels would be left or right chest embroidery and/or screen printed digital transfers.

Business standard company t-shirts the suggested print method would be screen printing, direct-to-garment, custom screen print transfers and or vinyl press.

Left chest, a classic place to put a logo


Full back with business/org details as it tends to serve as a great advertising tool for the business.

Choosing the right color of shirt for your business apparel

A very important decision than realized by most when choosing the right color of apparel for the business. Psychology of color is an entire topic of its own and from a marketing perspective, how colors affects consumer behavior.

Questions to ask:

1) Work/Company type and/or what is the job type?

  • Is it being out on the field at most times? then it would be best to stay away from dark colors such as black, navy etc. because the dark clothes have trouble reflecting the sun's rays and thus the dark-colored clothing traps the heat from the sun. The color white is another one to stay away as it will not stay pristine for a long time. Best choices would be light colors.

  • If working with food, paint, or other messy materials, you might want to avoid white, and go with something that will hide stains more easily.

2) What apparel color will look best with the colors of your logo ?

  • If the logo is simple with one or two colors, then maybe pick a contrasting color for the garment. For example, if logo is yellow and white, a blue garment could make your logo stand out. Conversely, if logo is very detailed with lots of colors, it might be best to stick with neutrals for your garment.

3) Full color, limited color or one color print? Pricing is based on the number of colors per location, so an easy way to get your cost down is to lower the number of colors to be printed. Adjusting designs to one or two colors will still do a great job portraying the business.

4) High visibility safety Colors .- If in the business where the employees need to be visible then they would need to be in safety colors which are essentially fluorescent colors; also known as day-glow or neon.

Creating a design that works best for the business

Don't be afraid to change/refresh a logo look. Even the most established brands need to refresh occasionally.

Think of it as a do over of a logo makeover that works with design elements that are already in place by/and making small shifts to what's already there by adding, updating colors, or simplifying the entire look and feel

Few of the many benefits of Refreshing your logo:

  • Expand your color options.

  • Modernization: Update your logo's style.

  • Digitization: Going online and taking into consideration how logo renders on different screen widths and other mediums on the web and thus a need to redesign and refresh to adapt in the digital age.

  • Gain recognition.


At T-Shirts Etc West Houston, we believe in spreading the gift of giving. We have a platform that we want to utilize for the good of the community - near and afar. We have designed - see the water drop on the right with all of the details in the design - a t-shirt for the cause!!

With a PURCHASE of the shirt you get:

An Eco Friendly ALLMade t-shirt made with 100% recycled material that you will enjoy wearing.

With a purchase of the shirt how are you/we helping the community?

30% of the purchase price will go towards a build of a much needed water borehole in a village in East Africa - in Mombasa, Kenya. Learn more at the link "Water Is Life"

How do I know that the funds will go where it is said it will go?

We use the service of Lions Club Mombasa Bahari - a Non Profit Organization that was chartered in 1996 and has served their community since with many needs such as medical camps, water boreholes, breast awareness and much more. Visit their site to learn more of what they do and or contact them with any questions that you may have.

Why Mombasa, Kenya and Why Lions Club Mombasa Bahari?

T-Shirts Etc. West Houston, family is from East Africa and migrated to Houston in 1971 as refugees from the revolution in Uganda by the then President Idi Amin.

We wanted this journey of giving to start from home AND as a family we have contributed on the build of several boreholes already with the help of Lions Club Mombasa Bahari and have firsthand experience of the joy it brings to the village with clean, drinkable water that they do not have to travel for miles to get!!

Visit Lions Club Mombasa Bahari Facebook page to see the many stories of giving joy they do throughout the year/s.

How Can I Purchase this Shirt!

Visit our online store and follow through with a purchase of this Eco Friendly ALLMade t-shirt and make a difference today!!

PLEASE SHARE and help us spread the word!


About T-Shirts Etc. West Houston

T-Shirts Etc. is a full-service corporate clothing suppliers, offering a variety of men's and women's custom printed and embroidered corporate apparel, along with other specialty promotional items, gifts, and merchandise to choose from.

Email us at for any questions or for any of your custom needs - get a quote with no obligation - today!!


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Address: 1718 Fry Road, St 450, Houston TX 77084 during our business hours

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Aluminum (not plastic or steel) pop tabs may be collected then delivered to our shop at any time of the year or we can also pick it up within the Katy/Cy Fair/Houston location.

Pop tabs are then stored until they are taken to a local recycling center and all proceeds will go towards childhood cancer treatment and research.


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