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Tips to keep in mind when creating a Logo from someone in the custom apparel and products industry.

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies a company and its goods and service from its competitors. It gives its customers a sense of value and culture and telling a story of who they are and what it is they do.

When designing a company logo, a lot of consideration is taken into account of all the elements and factors of the business into an image that will represent it best. It is one of the most important aspects of a business as it is an image that sticks on to customer minds and enhances the company apparels, products, marketing material, and more.

A very important aspect to take into account is not only on how the logo will look on digital (website, social media, etc.) and print (business cards, flyers, etc.) use but also on company apparel and hats when embroidered or screen printed.

Importance of a good logo:

  • Helps you, your company/organization stand out and be recognized among many

  • Creates a visual image of the company/organization

  • Defines a uniqueness

  • Reflects who you are

  • Pointers to keep in mind for a logo for the company apparels and hats

1. Color:

  • The more colors in a logo, the more difficult and costly it becomes to reproduce.

  • Shading - certain effects and styles that work brilliantly in a digital sense, cannot be reproduced through embroidery or screen print, like gradients, drop shadows, outer glows, etc.

  • Keeping in mind that it can or may be used in different sizes and colors. A complex design with awesome and unusual details can look degraded when they are resized or if they do not combine well with other colors

  • Should look great in black and white. Gradient is great but do not use it unless the same element looks great as solid as well

2. Keep it Bold and Simple:

  • Branding is at its best when it is simple.

  • An embroidered logo on apparel has depth and texture which denotes prestige and quality - a feel that is achieved with a simple and easy to see and read logo and one that will be noticeable and outstanding.

  • Not to have too much intricate details. An average-sized logo on a t-shirt has from 5-8 thousand stitches

3. Size:

  • A good recommended size for an embroidered logo on a polo shirt or on a jacket etc. is to be anywhere between 3 to 4 inches wide. Keeping this in mind when designing the logo is imperative as you want to ensure the detailing is recognizable at the size you want it created at.

  • The type of logo you are creating also correlates to sizing of the embellishments on your products. A round logo might look much larger than a square logo

  • Avoid tiny details that would not look good when a need arises to shrink it to 1/8", like maybe for a business card.

4. Fonts:

  • A unique or lesser-known font logo will require extra work to convert it into embroidery mode which would incur higher costs and would be hard to replicate if the font is overly complicated.

5. Image Type:

  • A vectored image is very important to have on file to provide to the printers of your logo for any type of print job required - be it digital, on print or on apparels.

Examples of some great impacting logos:

Examples of logos in our opinion that do not work:

Note: that these logos are not complete failures as they are of very successful businesses/companies - for example you are able to recognize Wendy one site. With that said, we want to make another point - a logo cannot make or break your company. A logo aids in building an image but it is not what makes it.

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