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Work-From-Home Company Apparel and Swag for the Team

How can a company keep up team morale with the new work-from-home norm? Appreciation and recognition boost employee engagement increases productivity and drive company loyalty and even more so in these difficult times.

Face Mask

A must-have item for the year 2020. Customize it with the company logo.


Great for bad hair days especially now with limited places and times to get a haircut. A classic baseball cap showcases your company’s brand and team.

Tote Bags

A handy item to have right now with trips to the grocery stores being one of the places to go to the most and having a reusable tote that you know is safe and sanitary is really beneficial.

Canvas Totes are a great place to show off a company bold logo design and making a statement.

Company/Organization T-Shirts and Apparel

Are you struggling to adjust to working at home? It might be a good time to experiment with your work dress. See what makes you most comfortable and allows you to tap into your work zone.

Getting dressed to work from home is one of the 13 golden rules for working from home. Having a company t-shirt will mean not to have to dress in standard office button-up attire but be able to blend in the comfortable and productivity. It helps turn off the home mode and turn on the work mode with a focus.

Different type of t-shirt suggestions:

  1. 100% cotton: a staple, and are softer and breathable, allowing for proper perspiration evaporation.

  2. Polyester/Cotton blend: Features a slim fit and very comfortable to wear.

  3. Triblend: made out of cotton, polyester, and rayon - regarded as the softest t-shirt fabric out there.

Drink Ware

Customized with company logo water bottles, can coolers or as simple as koozies are great to have for the home office set-up.

Can coolers are sweat-free no-coaster technology and great for keeping your can or bottle soda ice cold.

Yoga Mat:

A customized yoga mat will make a bold statement whilst encouraging exercise and promoting a healthy environment with an increase in energy level and productivity.

"Inhale the future, Exhale the past."


Custom motivational mousepads adds a touch of innovation and inspiration to any workplace.

These are just some of the few examples of products or items that employees will love receiving and use consistently during their time in quarantine and the foreseeable future. They are also many other options for promotional products and swag for your company, team, or organization.

Contact T-Shirts Etc West Houston for all of your T-Shirt, Apparels - Screen Printing, Embroidery and DTG Printing, Face Covrings, Swags as in yoga mat, mouse pad, stress balls, drinkware , signs and Banners.

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