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100% Cotton Or 100% Polyester Or Blend

A T-shirt, so humble but yet so classic and yet with so many to choose from -- the brands to the style to the fabric type to mention but a few.

The most common top 3 t-shirt fabric choices:

100 % Cotton: by far the most common and popular. 100% cotton fabric means the fabric is not blended and is made of stronger, softer, and comfortable natural product consisting of fibers picked from the cotton plant. It is also known to be hypoallergenic meaning it is breathable and allows the skin to breathe which reduces the possibility of rashes by keeping the moisture from building up between the skin surface and the material.


  1. Transports vapor as well as liquid

  2. Comfortable to wear

  3. Does not stink easily

  4. Non clingy


  1. Expensive compared to synthetics

  2. Need proper and high maintenance

  3. Prone to shrinkage, stains, damages and wrinkles

100 % Polyester: is durable, synthetic fabric with excellent resiliency. Low moisture absorbency which allows the fabric to dry quickly. This material always keeps its shape, so there’s almost zero shrinking or stretching, regardless of what kind of extreme wash and dry cycle you put it through and doesn’t stain as easily as other fabrics. This fabric is a favorite of athletes and adventurous outdoor types who subject themselves to extreme conditions.


  1. Durable and not prone to wear and tear.

  2. Good at wicking sweat

  3. Dries faster because it is hydrophobic

  4. Easy to maintain

  5. Relatively cheaper compared to other fabrics


  1. Smells quickly because of bacteria build up.

  2. Not as comfortable in comparison with natural fabrics

  3. Highly flammable

  4. Manufacturing companies contribute to the environmental degradation.

Blends: is one that is made up of more than one type of fiber.

Four major categories:

  • 50/50: 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester

  • 60/40: 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester

  • Tri-Blend: Typically a blend of cotton, polyester and ryan

  • CVC (Chief Value Cotton): A blend with majority percentage being cotton

Questions to ask to determine on which T-Shirt material is best for you?

  1. Quality desired: softness, breathability, structure, moisture-wicking, etc.

  2. The print method to be used: direct-to-garment, screen printing, embroidery, etc.

  3. Price: maximum budget for the order or per item.

  4. The purpose/occasion of the shirt: family reunion, work uniform, sporting event, merchandise, etc.

  5. The person/gender that will be wearing it: age range, style, expectation


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