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Get Creative in Ways to Celebrate 2020 Graduations and Achievements

Around this time of year, thousands are celebrating from all levels of education and that is from pre-school to the cap tossing of High school, college, and university graduations. Each level of graduation provides a sense of closure of that chapter and the opening of a new one. This means a lot to all students, families, and educators. The question is how do you do this and still maintain social distancing for the safety of all?

Chances are that you know a class of 2020 graduating high school, college, or university senior who has worked hard for this moment and is now missing their moment with disappointment and disbelief.

With a little creativity, the show can still go on. Let’s get inspired and celebrate and make memories and not let COVID-19 take ownership of our celebrations:

Here are a few ways to celebrate:

1) Senior 2020 #Quarantined T-Shirts

2) Celebrate with Signage:

  • Put up a yard sign to acknowledge a proud senior resides in the home.

3) Front Door Decorations:

  • Decorate your front door and showcase the student’s high school, their accomplishments over the years – sports, organization, band, theatre, drama – whichever it may be, their future-attending college or university, etc.

4) Possible ways to have a creative ceremony but with safety first:

  • A virtual zoom party or a performance

  • Pick a day and make it a drive-in movie party where all the students and parents attending stay and be in their respective vehicles.

  • Have a car parade celebration by organizing their friends and family to drive by your house at a certain time and honk, scream, or play music for the graduates to show them how proud you are of them.

We are in challenging times which should not stop us from achieving success but should bring out the best in us, in spirit, creativity, and innovation. Leave a comment and tell us how you are celebrating your graduation moment.

T-Shirts Etc. West Houston would like to congratulate all graduating student achievements and their success in moving forward with their next chapter in life.

Contact T-Shirts Etc. West Houston for your customized yard signs or t-shirts.

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