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Get Noticed Like Never Before !!

Best ways to build rapport within the communities and potential customers/clienteles is to develop a strategy to stand out and get noticed in ones area’s markets by getting ones name out in nearby business circles which can open up new opportunities.

Few out of many ways of making your small business noticeable in the local market

Have a strong online presence

Be everywhere!! Go Big! Have a website, a Facebook page, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, snapchats to mention but a few. - Create and claim these online presence listing but then remember to also maintain and update them frequently and stay abreast so when when a user searches for “near me” + “your service,” it ensures that they see you everywhere.


Put a Face to a Name

Get out in the community, introduce yourself and interact with others. People tend to trust a business when they know the individual/s behind it.


Give Samples

Giving away free samples of your product and/or services (if that’s possible) can do wonders. It drives awareness - consumers are more likely to buy your product/services if they know what they are getting.

Sample by Nick YoungsonCC BY-SA 3.0Pix4free


Volunteer in the community

Be a great community member, be present and supportive! Make an impact! Be noticed and on the way meet new people and businesses who will want to learn more on yours!!