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How are QR codes being used in modern times for your business!

What is a QR Code?

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A QR Code is a Quick Response Code with encrypted information. It is a two dimensional barcode which provides easy access to information through scanning with the smart phone camera or a specific scan app. QR codes are a great and sanitary way to display information to your customers.

Types of QR Codes

  1. Static - are those that are created once and cannot be changed. Which also means that if the URL changes/or gets deleted to what it is pointing to then it will not show that anymore.

  2. Dynamic - it is editable.

QR Code Generator

Is a software to help you create useful and reliable QR codes to cover your needs.

  • At no cost Static QR Code Generator - several available on line to search from. One of them being through Wix

  • Dynamic QR Code generator - search for one that best suit your needs. A guide to key features to look for when doing so:

- Offers Dynamic QR codes

- Offers different types of QR codes to choose from

- Has analytics to track performance

- Includes design options for both the QR code and the landing page

- Includes customization options

- Allows the QR code to be downloadable in different formats

- The possibility of bulk QR code creation

Content QR Code can point to?

Tons of content it can point to take the customers to.

  • Website

  • Menu

  • VCard

  • Product Page

  • Social Media

  • Track Inventory

  • Youtube Video

  • Google Maps

  • to mention but a few!!

How does a viewer scan/read the QR Code?

With a smartphone camera or a QR code scanner.

Does a QR Code have a scan limit or expire?

A QR code does not have any scan limits nor does it expire. The only time it would not work is when the destination URL it is linked to is deleted, moved or changed.

Graphic Formats

QR generator supports the export of generated QR codes in a variety of formats. PNG, GIF, JPEG (including high resolutions), as well as vector graphics in PDF, SVG and EPS. We recommend SVG and EPS for perfect print of QR codes.

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