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How Face Coverings Save Lives and Why You Should Wear Them

Face coverings are a source of control. They are a way to protect people around those that are infected but have no symptoms by blocking the respiratory droplets. Thus, by wearing a face covering the spread of the virus is greatly reduced in our community. Wearing a facemask should not have to be mandatory, it is a responsibility for people to do their part to slow down this pandemic sooner than later. There are many people that have used this opportunity to make the best out of having to wear masks.

Other Benefits: The face covering is not only controlling the spread of the COVID-19 but is also reducing transmission of other easily spread respiratory infections like the common flu or even allergies.

Face covering is not for all – it is recommended by CDC that it not be placed on:

· Children under the age of 2

· Anyone who has trouble breathing

· Anyone who is unable to remove it on their own and would need assistance

These demographics should stay at home as much as possible to avoid being infected and reducing risk.

How long should face-covering protection be in place? For as long as the pandemic is in control and neutralized and probably more to avoid a second wave. By wearing a face covering, washing of hands frequently, and keeping a minimum of 6ft social distancing – reduces risks at great length by preventing continued transmissions. One person can make a difference in spreading and preventing the spread.

Fashion and Purpose: There are many types of masks and designs being sold now. You can get almost any type of mask you are looking for. People are also now starting to use masks within fashion and so you are able to express yourself, root for your favorite team, and more.

Some feel embarrassed or awkward when wearing a face-covering. They think it does not look good or fashionable. There should not be any of those feelings when it is for the good of all and has people's lives at stake. But if you are worried about how you look then make or get a face mask you will not mind wearing every day. Get one that fits you well and is in the balance between protection, comfort, and fashion.

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